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Vietnam visa blog

Where we are providing useful information to the foreigner who seeking for Vietnam tourist and business visa.

Vietnam visa for overland travel for US citizens

Date 1/17/2014 by Admin in Question and answer
We are US citizens traveling for the year and hope to enter Vietnam via Cambodia overland. We are very confused about obtaining a visa. We were unable to apply for a visa prior to leaving the USA as our first entry was more than 6 months after leaving. We will be in Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand in the coming months. Are we able to go into a consulate in one of those countries? If so any recommendations on where is best to go? Also any price guidelines? An

Re-open duty free shop in Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Date 1/16/2014 by Admin in Travel guide
The re-opening this duty free shop will not only satisfies the purchasing demand of the customers entering Vietnam via international airports, which optimizes the foreign currency revenues from non-aeronautical commercial activities but also enhance the competition of the Tan Son Nhat International Airport in the comparison with other international airports in the region.

No visa required for tourists to Phu Quoc on short stay

Date 1/7/2014 by Admin in Visa news
Foreigners and Vietnamese nationals holding foreign passports can enjoy visa exemption for stays of less than 30 days on Phu Quoc Island from March 10, according to a new decision by the Prime Minister.

Where to eat in Nha Trang?

Date 1/7/2014 by Admin in Travel guide
It's not hard to guess what the most popular cuisine in the coastal city of Nha Trang is. Still, seafood comes in many forms and combinations so variety can still be the spice of your culinary adventures here.

Vietnam, Azerbaijan offer visa exemptions

Date 1/7/2014 by Admin in Visa exemption
Vietnam and Azerbaijan have signed a protocol on cooperation between their Ministries of Foreign Affairs and an agreement on visa exemptions for ordinary and official passport holders.

Getting Vietnam visa out of troubles

Date 1/7/2014 by Admin in Visa tips
Getting a visa to Vietnam is now easier than ever before, however, it is better get yourself well prepared under any circumstances that may save you headache.

Does Vietnam visa on arrival work for Chinese citizens transiting in Hong Kong?

Date 12/23/2013 by Admin in Question and answer
I am China passport holder who has a permanent UK residency wishing to travel to Vietnam. I'm hoping to travel from Beijing either directly or through Hong Kong. Does Vietnam visa on arrival work in case my flight will depart from Beijing and transit in Hong Kong?

Vietnamese visa procedures fall short in ASEAN

Date 12/17/2013 by Admin in Visa news
Despite recently receiving aid package approval from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for its tourism industry, Vietnam will have to improve its visa procedures if it wishes to compete against other ASEAN countries in attracting tourists, urges a recent Vietnam Business Forum report.

How can I get a Vietnam visa if I travel Vietnam by land?

Date 12/16/2013 by Admin in Question and answer
I'm arriving to Vietnam by land and not by air. How should I do my visa? On the website you refer to international airports, how about land borders? Thank you very much

How to apply for a visa to Vietnam from Tirana, Albania?

Date 12/16/2013 by Admin in Visa tips
I would like to visit Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City in February 2014. Can you please help me how can I apply for a Vietnam visa as far as there is no Vietnamese embassy in Tirana, Albania?

Where I can get my visa, at Hanoi Airport or Ho Chi Minh City Airport?

Date 12/16/2013 by Admin in Question and answer
I am flying to Ho Chi Minh City via Hanoi and have to change terminals in Hanoi for the domestic flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Will I  hand my visa letter and forms in while in transit in Hanoi or in Ho Chi Minh City upon arrival at the domestic terminal?

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