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Vietnam visa for overland travel for US citizens

Date 1/17/2014 by Admin in Question and answer
We are US citizens traveling for the year and hope to enter Vietnam via Cambodia overland. We are very confused about obtaining a visa. We were unable to apply for a visa prior to leaving the USA as our first entry was more than 6 months after leaving. We will be in Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand in the coming months. Are we able to go into a consulate in one of those countries? If so any recommendations on where is best to go? Also any price guidelines? An

Does Vietnam visa on arrival work for Chinese citizens transiting in Hong Kong?

Date 12/23/2013 by Admin in Question and answer
I am China passport holder who has a permanent UK residency wishing to travel to Vietnam. I'm hoping to travel from Beijing either directly or through Hong Kong. Does Vietnam visa on arrival work in case my flight will depart from Beijing and transit in Hong Kong?

How can I get a Vietnam visa if I travel Vietnam by land?

Date 12/16/2013 by Admin in Question and answer
I'm arriving to Vietnam by land and not by air. How should I do my visa? On the website you refer to international airports, how about land borders? Thank you very much

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