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Vietnam visa exceptions

According to the Vietnam immigration policies, the citizens of some specific countries are not allowed to apply for Vietnam visa. They must be guaranteed by a Vietnamese registered company or organisation for their entry and stay in Vietnam. In any case, they are subject to very expensive cost for visa approval.

The citizenships those Vietnam visa on arrival is not supported

The citizens of the country could not apply for Vietnam visa online. They must have a Vietnamese company or organisation guaranteed to get an entry visa to Vietnam:

1. Afghanistan
2. Bangladesh
3. Cameroon
4. Congo
5. Ghana
6. Iran
7. Mozambique
8. Nigeria
9. Pakistan
10. Turkey
11. Sierra Leone
12. Syria

Citizenships that Vietnam online visa can be arranged at high processing fee

Here below are the citizenships of the countries that permitted to apply for a visa on arrival. However, they are subject to very high processing fee to get a visa approval letter:

1. Algeria
2. Angola
3. Dominica
4. Guinea - Bissau
5. Haiti
6. Iraq
7. Jamaica
8. Kenya
9. Kuwait
10. Lebanon
11. Libya
12. Malawi
13. Mauritius
14. Morocco
15. Namibia
16. Nepal
17. Omar
18. Pakistan
19. Palestine
20. Qatar
21. Rwanda
22. Saudi Arabia
23. Somali
24. Sri Lanka
25. Sudan
26. Tanzania
27. Trinidad and Tobago
28. Tunisia
29. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
30. Yemen
31. Zimbabwe

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