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Photo requirements for Vietnam visa

One of the essential parts in preparing for your passport or visa applications is photos. Most government agency and travel agents will tell you that you need passport sized photos. This can be a confusing message since different countries have different photo specifications.

Generally, Vietnamese officers are not too strict about the photo details, but you still need to know the following rules:

Visa photo requirements

1 - Face of the applicants must be at a neutral expression, without smiling or frowning.

2 - Your photos must be taken within 6 months of the application date. Dated stamp is not necessary but do not show a photo that is dramatically different from your current look.

3 - Photos must be taken against a white back ground and printed on quality photo paper.

4 - You can not wear any kind of glasses when taking these photos.

5 - Veins, hats and scarfs are strictly prohibited, and any other accessories that cover your ears or foreheads.

Photo size

- Passport size photos: strictly be 4 x 6 cm

- Visa photos: vary on the country of residence and it can be 4 x 6 cm or 2 x 2 inches but not strictly

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