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Customer's testimonials

Here are feedbacks, comments and messages that the customers are writing us recently

Thank you for your prompt services...

Date 15/06/2012 by Henrico Bezuidehout, Australian
I have received the letter of approval, and I would like to thank you for a swift and excellent reliable service. I will definitely employ your services again

You've done a great job and been a big help with quick service...

Date 17/09/2012 by Kaleb Copean, United States
Thank you Alex. You've done a great job and been a big help with quick service. I'll be sure to blog a good review since you are really helpful to us.

Thanks a millions for your fast and effective service...

Date 5/03/2013 by Michael Dubouloz, Germany
Thanks a millions for savings us from our trip delay due to Vietnam visa missing. Your effective emergency visa service is really amazing. We will be sure to apply for a visa via your website early in the next trip.

Thank you very much, you saved our holidays...

Date 02/08/2013 by Enviado Desde, Spain
The problems is that we had the flight today and we have to change it for tomorrow, because our approval letter processed by another visa agency was not correct. We just want to be sure that visa approval letter will be arranged within 4 hours and a half. Mr Alex from give us a solid confirmation and as his words, after 2 hours in Friday evening, we get the letter (2 hours earlier than we thought, that's amazing). Alex, thank you so much! You saved our holidays...

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We got some advices from my friend in UK, who has been to Vietnam several times, on how to get Vietnam visa. He also gave us a website address which he believed is truthworthy. Thank to his suggestion, we enjoy excellent service provided by a professional visa agency. As the word given, we got the approval letter within 36 hours only. It's awesome!

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