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Available Vietnam visa types

There are 4 types of Vietnam visa: tourist visa, business visa, diplomatic and official visa and transit visa. Tourist visa is the most popular one. Click here to see details and procedures for application of each visa type. In addition, base on the length of stay and number of entry, visa is divided into 1 month or 3 month, single or multiple entry visa.

Base on the purpose of visitor's entry, Vietnam visa is classified into following categories:

1. Vietnam tourist visa

  • Available 1 month single entry and 1 month multiple entry.
  • Maximum stay in Vietnam of 30 days.
  • One-time extension of 30 days after your arrival in Vietnam.
  • Online visa application or Vietnam Embassy application can be processed without any guarantee paper works except a valid passport

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2. Vietnam business visa

  • Applicants should obtain the approval through their sponsor in Vietnam.
  • Multiple entry and stay of three or six months is available.
  • Vietnam Embassy application must be going with a sponsor invite letter

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3. Diplomatic and official Vietnam visa

  • No fees unless otherwise agreed upon between Vietnam and applicant’ s country.
  • On applying this visa, the applicant must submit an official letter from the concerned agencies of local government, foreign embassies or consulates accredited to the applicant’s country, international organizations, or other accredited organizations based in that country.

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4. Transit visa

Vietnam is one of these countries, and does not require any transit visa, as long as you plan to stay inside the airport. Note, however, international airports such as Hanoi and Danang are rather small and not the best places for a light-sleeper. Therefore if you have an over-night transit, you might want to exit the airport and stay at a nearby hotel. In those cases, you will need a normal single entry visa.

If you have booked a tour organized by a travel agency in Vietnam, you might be granted a transit visa to visit surrounding cities in a few days. This visa must go with your air tickets flying to the third countries after leaving Vietnam and a detail itinerary provided by a Vietnamese travel agency. The stamping fee for this visa is US$5 and the processing fee is US$20 per visa.

Besides, base on the length of stay and number of entry, it is classified into 1 month or 3 months of stay, single or multiple entry. Normally, 1 month of stay visa is tourist visa and 3 months of stay is business visa:

5. Single or multiple entry visa

A single entry visa allows you to enter Vietnam once during its validity time but a multiple entry visa allows you to enter Vietnam more than once (as many times as you can) during its validity time. For example, if you enter Vietnam now, stay some days and leave for Cambodia, when re-entering Vietnam, you can still use your current Vietnam multiple entry visa (within its validity). The stamping fee are request to pay at the first entry only.

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